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eThink Education and Exputo Partner to Provide LMS Users with an Extensive Suite of eLearning Design and Development Services

By January 22, 2019 No Comments

eThink Education is pleased to announce a partnership with Exputo, a provider of digital learning solutions including learning platform consulting, course design and development, and ad-hoc instructional design and LMS administrator roles. Through this partnership, eThink clients now have easier access to Exputo’s team of learning professionals proficient in the latest industry standards (xAPI, cmi5, SCORM) as well as cutting-edge visual treatments (AR, VR, gaming).

eThink Education provides a fully-managed eLearning solution for open-source Moodle™ and Totara, covering all LMS needs including implementation, cloud hosting, integration, consultation, and management services. eThink takes a consultative approach with clients by advising them on how to best meet their eLearning goals, including recommending complimentary eLearning services such as Exputo.

Exputo’s services for instructional design and development activities are based on classical instructional design models while utilizing contemporary approaches to learning. Scenario-based, motivational design and immersive learning are just a few of the methodologies Exputo employs to design effective and engaging learning.

“eThink is pleased to partner with Exputo and their team of talented learning professionals,” said Brian Carlson, Co-Founder and CEO of eThink Education. “Our partnership with Exputo will support an interactive process for clients that can not only improve the efficiencies in design and development but, most importantly, greatly improve learning outcomes.”

“The world has embraced the open-source movement. eThink’s use of Moodle™ as the basis for their learning platform solutions coupled with their exceptional customer service makes it easy for us to recommend them to our clients. I’m excited about this partnership because it allows two open-source-minded organizations to join forces and show the world what a learning platform can be,” said David Pesce, Founder of Exputo Inc.

About eThink Education

eThink Education provides a fully-managed eLearning solution including implementation, cloud hosting, integration, consultation, and management services for open-source Moodle™ and Totara. Managed by experts, eThink’s total solution provides a dynamic and customizable platform to meet specific institutional and organizational needs. With clients in various industries including Healthcare, Education, Nonprofit, Government, and Corporate, eThink can help all types of organizations to maximize the effectiveness of their eLearning programs for improved business outcomes. 

About Exputo

Exputo helps organizations translate the confusing path of learning platform technologies. We provide consulting services on choosing the best learning platform (LMS/LRS) as well as developing technologies to connect your existing LMS and content with an LRS. Exputo is Latin for “to consider well,” and it was founded based on thoughtful problem-solving. If you’re looking for new ideas to jumpstart your next initiative, consider an Exputo solutions expert. For more information about Exputo, please visit